Protect the Pollinators!


What’s the BUZZ at Longue Vue? The BEES, of course! Our eight acres are home to many different pollinators, from bees and beetles to moths and butterflies. Pollinators truly make the world go ’round; they sustain many precious ecosystems, including those that produce much of our food. More than 75% of extant flowering plants need pollinators’ help to reproduce, but many pollinator populations are currently declining due to pollution, climate change, loss of habitat, misuse of chemicals, and other human-related reasons. They need our help!



That’s why we’re celebrating Pollinator Week! Started by the Pollinator Partnership, Pollinator Week is to raise awareness of the dire problems affecting pollinators and how we can all help. Here at Longue Vue, we’ve planted a dedicated pollinator garden, pictured below. It consists of many different native plants for our on-site bees; native pollinators prefer native plants. Our gardening practices do not include the use of toxic chemicals or leaf blowers, to help maintain safe sources of food, water, and shelter for our pollinators. Come see for yourself, and talk to our gardeners!