Longue Vue Historic Conservation Projects

Main House East Side

The current restoration to the Main House east side woodwork includes shutter repair of missing louvers, reglazing windows, and restoration of the wooden false shutter panels in the center bays of the second floor. A masonry house covered in stucco, the wood elements are attached in a variety of ways meaning that there is always new information to learn from each part of the project. Once restoration is completed all will receive a new coat of ‘Longue Vue Green’ paint (Essex Green to the outside world) and go back in place. Keep an eye out for the completed work at the end of May 2024.

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‘Three Graces’ Fountain

The ‘Three Graces’ fountain in the Forecourt needs to be repainted every few years to keep it looking tip-top. The cast iron fountain was found by Edgar Stern in an antique store on Royal Street in 1950 and placed in the basin that was created with the home in 1942. It brings in water, as do the other 20+ water features on site, to the built environment. It is a focal point at the west end of the Ellen Shipman created axial view of the Oak Allee with the Shell Wall Fountain at the opposite end in the Entrance Court.

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Previous Projects

Main House Cooling Towers

Unique for its time Longue Vue was built with heading, ventilation, and air conditioning at the time of construction, 1939-1942, the first private residence in the area to built this way. After 82 years cooling tower one has been replaced with a new, all stainless steel unit.



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