Caroline Dormon

Caroline Dormon (1888-1971) Botanist, horticulturist, ornithologist, historian, archeologist, preservationist, naturalist, conservationist and author. Edith Stern met Caroline Dormon in the 1930s over their shared interest in the planting of native wildflowers along highways. In 1934, Mrs. Stern supported Dormon by underwriting the publication of her first book on native plants, Wild Flowers of Louisiana, and in 1947, hired her to choose plant material for Longue Vue’s Wild Garden. Dormon’s knowledge of Louisiana’s native plants and where to find them was invaluable in supplying the Wild Garden with its extensive collection. Dormon achieved a national reputation for her conservation work and for educating the public about the importance of the preservation of native plants. She was the first woman to work for the United States Park Service and helped to establish the first National Park in the State of Louisiana, Kisatchie National Forest. “Miss Carrie” is honored by Longue Vue each April during its annual Louisiana Iris Day.