B eginning on February 1st of 2019, Longue Vue opens the New Year with an exhibit showcasing the ?visual and performing artists and author grantees of the Rosenwald Fund. Edith Stern’s father, Julius ?Rosenwald, was a renowned philanthropist whose “give while you live” philosophy helped to create schools, housing and museums across the country. One of the most noteworthy parts of The Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1917-1948, were grants given to individuals in the arts and sciences. An Artistic ?Heritage: The Julius Rosenwald Fund exhibition will highlight original works from luminaries such as Conrad Albrizio, Marian Anderson, James Baldwin, Richmond Barthé, Aaron Douglas, and Jacob Lawrence.

Today, issues of equality and community involvement are of the upmost importance. An Artistic Heritage exhibit for Longue Vue is an exhibit that highlights a legacy of social justice and philanthropy that we continue to uphold. The Rosenwald Fund was unique for its time because recipients were not ?discriminated by race or field of study. In the 31 years the Fund existed, it gave out grants to 862 ?individuals, 190 of which were for arts in such diverse fields as metalworking, language, literature, and fashion design along with traditional mediums of painting, sculpture and music.

Julius Rosenwald was very much an inspiration for Edith and Edgar Stern whose philanthropic legacy throughout our city has impacted communities and organizations such as: Dillard University, Country Day School, Pontchartrain Park, the symphony, and the New Orleans Museum of Art, to name a few. As Longue Vue continues their Artist-in-Residence program and art-focused events and workshops, the ?exhibit will help show the legacy of the Rosenwald and Stern work within the artistic community.

The exhibit will run from February 1st, 2019 – July 28th, 2019. Please check the exhibit page or follow us on Facebook for exhibit-related programming.

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