Community conversations around topics drawn from Stern family priorities, including environmental sustainability and voting rights, hosted in our exceptional Longue Vue setting.

EcoVue Launch and Celebration – Saturday, March 14

In the creative and productive spirit of our founders, Edith and Edgar Stern, Longue Vue is launching a new initiative to address one of the most pressing issues of our day: environmental sustainability. Care of our natural environment is one of our core values; it is also critical to our sustainability as an institution, and to the future of our region.

With this in mind, EcoVue is a new, organization-wide environmental commitment engaging every member of the Longue Vue team. Whether visiting or working at Longue Vue, you will find: increased composting, recycling, and energy-saving measures, a drastic reduction of single-use plastics, a switch to natural cleaning and pest products, and a total elimination of leaf blowers. Our exhibits and educational programming will also reflect a more respectful and intentional care of our environment.

Please join us in this effort! We want to learn from partner organizations, and to share what we are doing at Longue Vue. Email EcoVue@longuevue.com with your ideas and updates.

Social Justice – June 2020

Voting Rights – August 2020

Email EcoVue@longuevue.com with your ideas, or to sign up to receive updates.

Email lcosta@longuevue.com to register for the young environmentalists panel.


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