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Executive Director


Summary Description of Position
Longue Vue House and Gardens, a leading New Orleans cultural institution, seeks a dynamic professional to direct the shaping of its future. The Executive Director of Longue Vue reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for overall management and operation, fiscal sustainability, and the implementation of Board policies, as well as visionary leadership.

About Longue Vue House and Gardens
A National Historic Landmark property, Longue Vue is the 8-acre estate built by New Orleans civic activists and philanthropists Edith and Edgar Stern. The stunning classic revival house and dependencies were designed by William and Geoffrey Platt. The remarkable gardens were designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman. In 1968, Edith Stern opened Longue Vue’s gardens to the public, and upon her death in 1980, she left the property, together with its decorative arts and archival collections, in trust to be operated as a non-profit institution. Today, Longue Vue’s dedicated staff of 35+ welcomes thousands of visitors each year to view the historic architecture, fine collections, and inspiring gardens. They also mount popular exhibits and educational programs, which are well attended by both children and adults. In addition, Longue Vue’s staff has shared its wide-ranging expertise, especially in support of the development of community history, architecture, landscape, and decorative arts; and philanthropy. Longue Vue is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).

Experience, Qualifications, and Personal Characteristics
The successful candidate will have a strong background in a discipline relevant to Longue Vue’s historic buildings, gardens, collections, and mission. An advanced degree or commensurate experience in such fields as fine arts, architectural, landscape, or art history; architecture, landscape architecture, preservation, or curatorial studies is preferred.

The successful candidate will be an inspiring and energetic leader with at least 5 years of demonstrated leadership experience in directorial or managerial positions, preferably in the non-profit arena. He or she will have a record of sound institutional and financial management and a capacity for developing and sustaining rewarding relationships within the Longue Vue and New Orleans communities as well as with a wide variety of external constituencies. He or she will also have good communication skills and a talent for team-building, education, outreach, and fundraising as well as a commitment to nurturing and supporting an outstanding and diverse staff. The successful candidate must also evidence a genuine understanding of and appreciation for Longue Vue’s history and mission, as well as the strengths of its reputation and its current educational and outreach programs. He or she must understand the curatorial exigencies of the site and also be a charismatic spokesperson who can compellingly articulate Longue Vue’s role in New Orleans. He or she must also be able to work with the Board of Directors and the Friends of Longue Vue Board. The latter board is the governing body of an auxiliary organization that organizes several events and symposiums each year.

Major Responsiblities of Longue Vue’s Executive Director
The Executive Director is Longue Vue’s chief administrator and also represents its public persona. The ED is responsible for enacting the institution’s mission and vision statements and for overseeing the development of the education and outreach programs that support the goals stated therein. As the institution’s chief fundraiser, the ED will determine funding strategies to secure monies to execute Longue Vue’s mission. In addition, he or she will oversee and play an integral role in all marketing and public relations activities to protect and advance Longue Vue’s reputation and standing in the community.

Administrative and Operations

  • Ensure adherence to Longue Vue’s “Institutional Plan, 2017-2020” prepared for the AAM reaccreditation process in May 2017; revise, as necessary, this institutional plan to govern subsequent years of administration and operation in accordance with AAM best practices standards
  • Manage day-to-day operations of Longue Vue
  • Implement Board policy and propose to the Board policy revisions that would increase effective operations
  • Inform the Board of all business affairs and financial conditions and, with the Board president, plan the regular meetings of the Board (7 per calendar year) and the Board’s Executive Committee (10 per calendar year)
  • Develop and oversee Longue Vue’s annual budget of approximately $2.2 million
  • Monitor Longue Vue’s financial status; exercise sound financial management in all fiscal operations and financial reporting; ensure fiscal sustainability
  • Determine staffing requirements, job functions and compensation for staff; supervise and evaluate performance of core staff; oversee all human resources operations; ensure the highest quality and diversity of staff
  • Oversee maintenance, preservation, and security of the site and facility

Fiscal Sustainability and Development

  • Manage Longue Vue’s annual expenses and produce annual revenues to meet the goals for maximum withdrawals from the investment account as established by the Board: 2019=7%, 2020=5%, and 5% annually thereafter
  • Oversee the work of Longue Vue’s director of business development to identify potential funding sources from both earned and unearned sources and maintain successful, amiable relationships with funders
  • Create and implement a comprehensive fundraising plan, including but not limited to annual and long-range campaigns, fundraising events, grant proposals, and revenues generated by rentals as well as ticket and shop sales
  • Oversee the expansion of Longue Vue’s membership base on all levels and develop the highest legally sanctioned and curatorially responsible productive use of the site
  • Promote Longue Vue’s visibility on local, regional, and national horizons; position Longue Vue to extend the legacies of its founders; ensure that Longue Vue continues to contribute substantially to the cultural health and sustainability of New Orleans’s communities

Curatorial Affairs and Permanent Collections

  • Oversee and maintain the storage, display, and conservation of Longue Vue’s permanent collections, developing out of these collections engaging longer- and shorter-term public exhibitions that may include complementary items on loan
  • Continue Longue Vue’s vibrant slate of rotating exhibitions held on site
  • Oversee the maintenance and preservation of Longue Vue’s historic landscape
  • Maintain rigorous standards in line with acknowledged best practices for preserving Longue Vue’s archives and making them available to qualified researchers
  • Maintain Longue Vue’s accreditation in accordance with AAM standards and procedures
  • Sustain and expand Longue Vue’s dedicated cadre of volunteers, who serve in administrative support and site-guide capacities

Interested persons should submit a letter of interest, as well as a comprehensive resumé or curriculum vitae.

Submissions should be sent by email to Mimi Moyse Schlesinger, Search Committee Chairman, at

Full contact information is below.

Applications will be considered as they are received and their receipt will be promptly acknowledged. Applications will be received for review until the position is filled.

Contact: Mimi Moyse Schlesinger, Search Committee Chairman Attention: Executive Director Search
7 Bamboo Road New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
Office phone: 504-488-5488