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Happy Birthday, Edith Stern!

Today, we celebrate the incredible life and enduring legacy of Edith Stern, a beacon of philanthropy and community empowerment by offering free admission to the gardens. As we honor her 128th birthday, let us reflect on the profound impact she made in shaping New Orleans and beyond.

Edith, together with her husband Edgar, exemplified the spirit of giving back to the community. Their unwavering dedication led to the establishment of Dillard University, the Flint-Goodridge Teaching Hospital, and important voter registration reform initiatives. They championed the arts, supported countless artists, and contributed to numerous civic endeavors.

The loving cup of recognition they received, including the prestigious Times-Picayune Loving Cup, speaks volumes about their selflessness and devotion to bettering the city they loved. Edith’s founding of Metairie Park Country Day School and Newcomb Nursery School further demonstrated her commitment to education and nurturing young minds.

Today, as we walk through the beautiful gardens of Longue Vue House and Gardens, the home they named after their engagement tea house, we are reminded of Edith’s profound impact. Her philanthropic heritage continues to inspire and reminds us that every city should have its own Sterns.

Join us in celebrating Edith Stern’s birthday by spreading love, kindness, and making a positive difference in your own community. Happy Birthday, Edith! Your legacy lives on. #HappyBirthdayEdith #PhilanthropyMatters #CommunityLegacy

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