Longue Vue House and Gardens Receives New Grants

Longue Vue House and Gardens is pleased to announce it has received four new grants for educational programming efforts. These grants include:

  1. Funding from the German Protestant Orphan Asylum (GPOA) Foundation for the new Vue “Vue Crew” Discovery Club for children. The Discovery Club is part of a larger educational initiative that includes “Vue Crew” backpacks and a Mobile Action Lab. Backpacks will be available for site young children, summer camp students, scouts, and school groups to aid in exploration of Longue Vue’s eight-acre complex, emphasizing independent or small group activities. The Mobile Action Lab will house materials, such as preserved insect specimens, percussion instruments, and play parachutes, to facilitate large and small group structured play on Longue Vue’s lawns and green spaces and provide joyful yet instructive activities for young visitors.
  2. Funding from the RosaMary Foundation to implement three student art exhibitions in the 2015-2016 year, with accompanying creative workshops for families.
  3. Funding from the Keller Family Foundation for educator workshops in partnership with the George Rodrigue Foundation These professional development opportunities will be available for local 8th through 12th grade educators and begin in late fall 2015, They allow participating teachers from Orleans and surrounding parishes to learn strategies to implement STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities into the Common Core curriculum.
  4. Funding from the PeyBack Foundation that provides free field trip buses for students at qualifying public, nonprofit, and charter schools and camps.

We look forward to the wonderful opportunities ahead in the education department. For questions about educational programming at Longue Vue, please contact Edna Lanieri, Education Director, at 504.293.472.




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