May 25th, 2018 – September 2nd, 2018

Longue Vue House and Gardens presents Citizen of the World,
Son of New Orleans by Artist-in-Residence, Jamar Pierre.

Citizen of the World, Son of New Orleans highlights Pierre’s
international residencies, his experiences and inspirations,
and the work he created while living in different countries
around the world.

J. Pierre participated in an artist in residency program with the international bilingual school Futuro Verde in Costa Rica. The cornerstone of this collection is the rendering J. Pierre presented to the school for the mural he created titled, “Diversity.” The design integrates the themes of equality, intercultural relations and preserving the rich nature surrounding the school. While in Costa Rica, J. Pierre was inspired to capture the lushness and peacefulness of this Central American nation that offers more than 800 miles of shoreline and vast stretches of protected rain forest and reserves.

While participating in the Gamli Skolki residency on the island of Hrísey surrounded by the mountains of Eyjafjörður, J. Pierre was inspired by Iceland’s of vivid contrasts. From having sunlight at midnight to hiking in freezing cold mountaintops to locate a local HotPot (the colloquial name for naturally geothermal springs), J. Pierre took the concept of contrasts and integrated them into this collection. Using the midnight sun as his muse, J. Pierre created a collection that includes watercolors on paper, acrylic on canvas and acrylic/markers on wood.

J. Pierre was selected from artists across the globe to contribute to the residency program Alchemy, an international artist led residency devoted to exploring the synergy between artistic practice and the cooking and sharing of locally cultivated food in a community setting. Founded in 2014, this residency takes place in rural Prince Edward County Ontario, Canada on the Toronto Islands. While participating in Alchemy, J. Pierre collaborated with artist in creating and sharing their work and practice during Ontario’s lush summer season, while also contributing culinary creativity to lively salon style communal dinners.

A native of Louisiana, J. Pierre spent his formative years in both urban and rural settings. He works with watercolor landscapes, as well as large acrylic on canvas honoring Louisiana and southern musical legends and street scenes. This collection shows his ability to contrast between realistic compositions and a highly stylized look. Whether it is the connection he feels with the rural beauty of the Louisiana landscape or New Orleans Jazz and second lines, all his work is full of energy. With a reputation for creating historical story telling murals that currently dot the landscape of the New Orleans, it was a natural choice for The NOLA Foundation to pick J. Pierre to create the official artwork of the City of New Orleans Tricentennial celebration. Pierre’s unique perspective and dedication the arts and art education also made him a natural selection for the Artist-in-Residence program at Longue Vue House and Gardens.


If you go on a tour of Longue Vue, you will have time to
view the exhibit. If you do not wish to tour the house or gardens,
you may purchase an admission ticket in the gift shop at Longue Vue.
Prints of Peirre’s Tricentennial artwork titled, “Resilience,”
are also available in the gift shop.

J. Pierre offers art workshops for youth, families,
beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists
at Longue Vue. To learn more about Pierre and his
work at Longue Vue, click the button below.

 The Artist-in-Residence program at Longue Vue is supported by The Helis Foundation.