Longue Vue welcomes teachers and students to get inspired by our historic house and gardens! We encourage educators to consider our site as a historic, relevant, and beautiful extension of the classroom. Longue Vue Educators present engaging and innovative programming for teachers and students that supports Grade Level Expectations and Common Core Standards. We strive to work with our community to be a leading partner in educational excellence in the disciplines of art, culture, history, civic engagement, and outdoor learning.

Historic House Education

Longue Vue’s historic house provides a visually and historically rich environment in which to inspire students and educators. In accordance with our mission, we strive to use the Stern’s love of Modern fine art and the decorative arts to encourage students in their own artistic exploration. We also impart the unique historical legacy and family story of of the Sterns, one with extraordinary currency and potential.

Gardens Education

Since the installation of the Lucy C. Roussel Discovery Garden in 1998, Longue Vue has been an active community partner in encouraging and facilitating student and family access to outdoor education experiences. One reality of living in an urban environment is that children have few places to play, learn and grow in a natural setting. Through field trips, scout activities and youth programs in the Discovery Garden, Longue Vue is committed to providing access to outdoor education for all local students and families and to promoting the mental and physical health benefits of exposure to the natural environment.

Longue Vue’s educators believe that the natural world engages students’ curiosity in a way that textbooks and multimedia can not. The following principles guide our staff:

    • To help children enhance their sense of self-esteem and environmental responsibility
    • To build children’s respect for the environment and stimulate interest in beautifying and improving their communities through gardening and community service activities
    • To encourage children to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills through innovative, hands-on activities
    • To engage children’s imaginations and encourage their knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment
    • To provide a safe environment where children can explore their natural surroundings, engage in positive social interaction, discover a connection with nature, and enjoy the benefits of physical education