When the holidays end and the new year begins, I always find myself looking back and reflecting on all the memories we made. I feel a sense of accomplishment when it comes to wrapping up an entire calendar year of “work” as well as my family life and I think to myself “We made it another year as a family with (2) young children.” I am sure others can relate! A sense of pride, joy, happiness, and exhaustion. I start getting excited about the new year—hitting refresh and looking ahead to what’s to come. One of my favorite things is to look through old photos and revisit those special memories and moments. With two young boys, 4 and 7, who seem to be growing at lightning speed, I have learned that life keeps moving (and moving quickly!) these days. The more I wish for it to slow down, the faster it goes by!

It had me thinking about the past 6.5 years and the opportunity that I have had to work in such a beautiful space. I started at Longue Vue when my oldest child was turning 1, and he will be 8 this summer. Longue Vue has provided not only large Space, which is hard to find in New Orleans sometimes, but a beautiful, creative, and unique environment for myself and my family. Both of my boys have spent many hours in the gardens, digging in the dirt, running down Oak Allée, celebrating a family member’s special day, helping with an art show, learning from Ms. Catherine at summer camp, and eating ice cream on a Sunday in the grass.

I am so grateful to have a space like Longue Vue that is a part of my daily life. Not only for myself, but to share with my children, husband, family, and friends. The gardens never seem to get old. There is always something new in bloom, or interesting to learn about. My favorite thing is to walk a first-time visitor through the gardens and see their face. Everyone has a different perspective or favorite garden. Beauty is around every corner, and I always find something that I appreciate.

I am thrilled to share my Longue Vue experience with new families, members, and guests and hope that they can take a little piece of Longue Vue with them.


Laren Holzer

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