The Longue Vue Visitor Center & Museum Store

Reflecting a legacy of design and giving.

With a focus on local artists, gardening, and Longue Vue-related history and design, the unique merchandise of the Longue Vue Store

honors the hospitality and civic engagement practiced by the Stern family while they lived on the property.

Visitors to Longue Vue can learn more about the design history and life of the Stern family in our Visitor Center, attached to the Longue Vue Store.

A collection of watercolor maquettes created by landscape architect and interior designer Ellen Biddle Shipman’s office are on view to give a look inside the house

for those who chose not to take a home tour. Learn how Shipman’s work at Longue Vue has granted us National Historic Landmark status,

how architects William and Geoffrey Platt worked to create a seamless design inside and out for a holistic site plan, and the Stern’s work in the community

that varied from voter’s rights to supporting local artists.

Open Monday through Saturday from 9:30AM to 5:00PM.

For other times, or for questions about the Museum Store and Visitor Center: or (504) 293-4716.

Featured Artists

Beatriz Ball
In 1991 Beatriz Ball began working hand-in-hand with skilled metalware artisans in the outskirts of Mexico City, jointly creating updated, innovative designs. Today, Beatriz Ball's offerings have expanded to new categories and materials, but she maintains a promise to always create and curate collections that are relevant, easy to maintain, and irresistible.
Kate Beck
Kate Beck is a New Orleans based textile artist focusing on dyeing, felting, painting, and screen-printing one-of-a-kind fabrics. Designs are heavily influenced by the beauty of her early years in the Pacific Northwest, exploring rich terrains and collecting natures trinkets. Her work is proudly produced using deadstock and upcycled materials, reducing textile waste and energy needed to create new fabrics. Using deadstock fabrics truly makes each garment one of a kind as yardage is limited in quantity and cannot be replicated.
Juli Juneau
Juli Juneau’s glass art has an energetic flair that reflect her lifelong spirit of curiosity, exploration, and compassion. Juli first made New Orleans her home in 1989. In 1995 she created Nomad Collection, featuring Balinese Sarongs, Tuareg jewelry sourced from her travels in Mali, and her own travel photography. She has traveled throughout the world, including a solo adventure through 23 countries of Africa. The continent of Africa, her people, culture, wildlife, and geography, are especially dear to Juli’s heart and influential on her lustrous art.
Maureen Krail
Native New Orleanian Maureen Krail has travel extensively studying art and gaining inspiration. She has worked in the tourism industry, as a curator, and an art teacher before dedicating her time fully to painting and jewelry. Krail's philosophy is simple and humble. She is very grateful to be able to create art and believes art is healing. From that place of gratitude and healing comes her belief, as an artist and art teacher, that art should be drawn on to give back to the community.
Kristina Larson
Kristina Larson is a New Orleans based artist who creates biomorphic three-dimensional works primarily out of clay. Within her multi-disciplinary practice, she seeks to blur the lines between art, craft, and design by creating contemporary sculpture and avant-garde designs out of traditional materials. While sculpting, she explores the limits of her material by hand building, wheel-throwing, and assembling. Larson relies on gravity, chance, and the accidental happenings to embrace the natural movement, which is present in her organic forms.
Sharika Mahdi
A New Orleans native, Mahdi is an artist and educator for students in the talented art program of St. Charles Parish. Her work, whether figurative or abstract, has a life and movement that is engaging to the viewer. An alum of the YAYA (Young Aspirations, Young Artists) program she notes that her time in the program helped to teach her the entrepreneurial spirit that propels her work today.
Vitrice McMurry
Vitrice makes modern jewelry inspired by nature and architecture with influences from Art Deco, Mayan hieroglyphs, and recurrent forms found in nature (leaves, waves, flowers). She works in silver, gold, goldplate and cloisonné enamel with techniques ranging from fold-forming, forging, roller-printing, bezel-setting, and lost-wax casting. McMurry was the original crafts director of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, taught at Metairie Park Country Day School, and a founding member of RHINO Gallery, a non-profit cooperative of local fine crafts.
Arthur McViccar
Artist and Master Craftsman, Arthur McViccar, has lived in Louisiana for 14 years. Originally from Michigan, he loves using local and native woods in his work. Trained as a theatre designer and carpenter, his work has evolved to creating three-dimensional mixed-media wall sculptures. McViccar's work as a preservationist has informed his art by man-made materials and images from the built environment. His background as a designer and wood turner has led him to explore the natural world, both through memories and landscapes, and share these with the viewer.
Poppy Goddess
The Poppy Goddess is a garden fairy who spends a lot of time in Longue Vue’s Wild Garden. There she collects inspiration from the many colors, sounds, and layers of natural luxury surrounding her. This line of accessories is designed to carry some of this magic with you wherever you roam.
Jacob Reptile
Reptile is the owner of Aquarium Gallery and Studios in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood. Reptile's fiber art has grown out of his love for the environment and creating a huggable cactus. The Forever Plants are made from recycled materials and clothing to make them a part of our lives. Reptile reflects on the plants we select to reproduce for our homes and how each one is still evolving with us from then on becoming a part of our family.
Jill Shampine
Jill Shampine is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Syracuse, New York who moved to New Orleans in 2011. Immediately she realized the city offered countless opportunities for artists as well as having the most but the abundant support for those artists than other places she had lived. Her studio practice is varied combining textiles and painting, currently focusing on a series of sewn watercolor paintings ranging from representative to abstract as well as an autobiographical series of sculpture that is woven utilizing found objects.
YAYA Glassworks
YAYA (Young Aspirations Young Artists) is a non-profit youth arts organization that provides visual arts education, entrepreneurship training, and leadership skills to creative young people, empowering them to become successful adults. YAYA offers free afterschool programs in glass, ceramics, and painting for youth ages 5-25 at the YAYA Arts Center in Central City.

Longue Vue Branded Merchandise

Note Cards and Post Cards
Home Goods

Longue Vue-Inspired Gifts

The Sterns extensive collection of Creamware began when they moved into the home as they felt its simple coloring did not distract from the delicate wallcoverings in the Dining Room. They shared this hobby with Ellen Shipman and daughter Audrey Stern Hess. Items on view in the house today include pieces from all three collections.
Home Goods
Inspired by Longue Vue’s first use as a family home, our store has plenty of items for home, kitchen, and lifestyle!
Gifts for Gardeners
Inspired by our 8 beautiful acres of Shipman-designed gardens, Longue Vue's store has items for the modern gardener. Whether tending a kitchen herb garden or raised beds, our store has accessories for your gardening needs!
EcoVue: Sustainable Living
Join us in buying sustainable, reusable items for your daily life. Our selection items of made of bamboo, metal, and reusable materials can replace disposable items to reduce waste.
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