If you haven’t heard of Giving Tuesday, it’s a global day of giving after Black Friday and Cyber Monday to kickoff a season of charitable giving. You can read more about it here: https://www.givingtuesday.org/

While we accept donations all year long, we thought it would be fun to promote a different way to give for #givingtuesday this year. Each department has pulled together a wish-list of items they need that you can donate. You might actually have some of these items in a closet somewhere! So clean out that closet, or do a little extra shopping for Longue Vue this season.

  1. New or used garden tools! You name it, we can probably use it.
  2. Think about all of our thirsty plants. Our garden department needs watering cans so everything stays hydrated! You can pick up this blue beauty at gardeners.com
  3. With 8 acres of gardens and a small but dedicated garden team, can you image how many gardening gloves we go through? This pair is only $5.95 and will be greatly appreciated. Get more ideas here!
  4. We’re slightly addicted to fresh garden arrangements, but don’t have many vases to put them in! Have any vases you don’t use? We will take them! This one is from Target.

Our facility team operates, repairs, and maintain a huge historic residence. It’s quite a chore, and they are often behind the scenes working hard to make this a smooth operation. So, they have a few big requests!

  1. New or used lathe machine and or lathe tools for wood working to keep Longue Vue looking new.
  2. A drone with a go-pro camera for the annual Longue Vue disco party. Just kidding! This is helpful for inspecting the roof tops and gutters of our tall buildings, and making sure Santa has a safe place to land.
  3. This pile of money represents funding to update the Siemens control station for the HVAC system so we can communicate by computer to control the system.

We are passionate about education, and have a great team that teaches kids about nature, art, science, math, music, and even yoga!

  1. Sunprint Paper for being creative and learning about nature. You can find them here.
  2. Canvas Panel for fun art projects! Find it here.
  3. Bright wooden beads for fun activities with kiddos. Find them here.
  4. Bilingual animal board books for learning about animals and language! Find these books here.
  5. A very practical gift, essential to every educational venue, Elmer’s Glue. A big size available here.
  6. Multicultural story set. Find these here.

Thank you! If you have any questions or would like to give a different item, let us know. You can call 504.488.5488 and ask for Marguerite. You can also donate through our donation page.

Also, the fine print: You will receive a tax letter based on the value of the item given.


Main photo by our friend, Jennifer Trahant.

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