Tricentennial Artist, Jamar Pierre Takes New Orleans Across the Globe

Longue Vue House and Gardens presents an exhibit featuring New Orleans born artist, Jamar Pierre on May 24th through September 2nd, 2018. Though a traveler of the world, J. Pierre is a son of New Orleans. Citizen of the World, Son of New Orleans, will highlight 26 pieces created throughout J. Peirre’s international residencies, and includes works created during his current residency at Longue Vue House and Gardens.

Collectors around the world have J. Pierre’s colorful work on their walls. With over twenty years of professional visual art experience, his portfolio encompasses corporate and private commissions, public murals, official posters, set design, album covers, and product advertising. He cannot help but create a tapestry of distinct parallels in his work, and is drawn to contrasts: rhythm and stillness, the natural and the urban, busy and calm. He lives and creates like art has saved his life, and paints with a weight of responsibility, projecting his voice to a worldwide community. J. Pierre is currently the official New Orleans Tricentennial Artist, and is the Artist-in-Residence at Longue Vue House and Gardens.

Citizen of the World, Son of New Orleans, will take you on a visual global journey told through the eyes of a New Orleans cultural ambassador. The exhibit features work created during J. Pierre’s four international residencies in Costa Rica, Iceland, Toronto Islands, Canada, and includes work completed while in Louisiana. The piece pictured is titled, “Resilience,” and shows J. Pierre’s ability to seamlessly blend different cultures and history to represent a singular but unique identity, and captures the soul and heritage of New Orleans as the official Tricentennial painting. The artwork in Citizen of the World, Son of New Orleans inspires a feeling connectedness to a larger community rooted in a singular identity, and for J. Pierre, that identity is New Orleans. While the influence of the landscapes and cultures of the people across the globe are evident in the exhibit, it is clear that J. Pierre’s New Orleans heritage and identity are the heartbeat of his work and creations.

Exhibit-inspired artist talks and workshops will be open to the public. J. Pierre teaches a variety of art workshops at Longue Vue House and Gardens, and is available for “Cork and Paint” programs or private group painting workshops. His print of the official Tricentennial painting is sold in two sizes in the Shop at Longue Vue.

The Artist-in-Residence program at Longue Vue is supported by The Helis Foundation.

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