SPRING SWINGS 2022: Call for submissions

Spring Swings is an interactive outdoor exhibit across the eight acres of Longue Vue’s gardens, scheduled for spring 2022.

Swings will be created by artists, artisans, and anyone with a vision for a creative and functional way for guests of all ages to enjoy the gardens from mobile seats. All are welcome to submit a proposal!

The swings can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, as long as they are of a durable outdoor material that can withstand the elements (wood, metal, and some forms of textiles); can safely seat between one and three people; and can be installed without damaging Longue Vue’s plants, trees, and structures. Swings can be freestanding or designed to hang from existing structures.

A selection committee will choose up to 15 swings based on their creativity and functionality, along with consideration of the distribution of swings across the property. Chosen pieces will be installed the second week of March 2022 and will remain in place through June 2022.

All accepted pieces will be available for sale; any purchased pieces will be picked up at the end of the exhibit. Longue Vue will process all sales and pay a 70% commission to the creator of the swing within 30 days of the customer payment. Any unsold swings will be retrieved by the creators during June and July 2022.

Interested individuals should submit a proposal for their swing (drawings and/or photos, plus a brief written description of the concept, dimensions, and pricing) to the attention of Lenora Costa, lcosta@longuevue.com or 7 Bamboo Road, New Orleans, LA 70124.