Spring Swings is an interactive outdoor exhibit across eight beautiful acres of Longue Vue gardens, now on display!

We enjoyed a successful exhibit opening on Saturday, March 26 with help from our Junior Curators who assisted with installing swings across the gardens, gave guided tours of the swing sites, and even painted some swings of their own! These creative, fully functional swings designed by local artists and creators will live in our gardens through June for all of our guests to enjoy.

SPONSOR THIS EXHIBIT: Longue Vue depends upon the support of our community to continue creative programming like Spring Swings! Click here to sponsor, or email Baty Landis for more information about sponsorships for this and upcoming exhibits.

QUESTIONS OR WANT TO SCHEDULE A TOUR OF THE EXHIBIT? Email Longue Vue Curator and Historian Lenora Costa for further details or questions about any particular swing.

See below for a list of swings, their locations, and the fabulous artists, Junior Curators, and community members who created them!

Discovery Garden

Longue Vue Shrek

By Junior Curator Leo Landis-Arnold & Zachary Weishaupt


Spring Swing

By Junior Curator Starling Saenz


Walled Garden


By Cultivating Community Students

(not available for purchase)


Longue Vue Blooms

By Junior Curator Elizabeth Collins


Starry Night Behind Clouds

By Junior Curator Alexander Landis-Arnold


Oak Allée


By Maureen Krail


Mardi Gras Daze

By k.els


Tennis Court Garden

Time to Liquefy and Metamorphosis

By Jacob Reptile


Grow Ants

By Jacob Reptile

(not available for purchase)