Money, Religion, and Politics

A Closer Look at Longue Vue

Delve deeper into the story of the Sterns and their home, and learn the how, why, and what behind the intriguing story of Longue Vue.

When people visit Longue Vue they come to enjoy our gardens, marvel at the technology built into the home, and to step back for a moment. They have an interest in history and seek out sites to delve a bit deeper, but rarely do visitors expect such a plethora of avenues to explore when it comes to Edith and Edgar Stern. Their work in education, the arts, voting rights, housing, health care, and recreation is felt throughout our small city, though it is not confined here.

The questions most often asked – who were they?, why did they do this?, and how did they accomplish it? can all be summed up in three simple words but very complex ideas of Money, Religion, and Politics. They worked hard and made money, being in the right place at the right time. Through their religious background they choose to use that money to help improve the communities around them. And to improve community you often must participate in politics to make the largest impact.

Though located in the geographical south of the country, New Orleans is not always quite like its neighboring cities and states, being a little more cosmopolitan. Some think we are the northernmost post of the Caribbean and we do share features in our architecture and attitudes, especially in the heat of the summer. We are a mix of the two with a little bit of our own added for good taste. But all these parts are welcoming, opening our arms to friends and strangers alike to entertain them with food and polite conversation. It is the polite conversation that would have kept people from asking such questions about money, religion, and politics in the past. Now a century after the Stern’s started their life together it is time to explore those ideas a little more, in a time when being polite is not always the highest priority but understanding motives might be, come and learn about how Longue Vue was a family home but also a place where money, religion, and politics were polite topics to discuss in hopes of understanding our neighbor and making this city, this community, a place to enjoy, marvel, and reflect for everyone.

Lenora Costa

Curator and Historian, Longue Vue


Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5, 4:30-6:30 PM