What’s in Bloom?


Late June/Early July highlights:

Dancing Girl Ginger is returning all over campus

Crocosmia (crow-coz-me-a) makes a splash in the Yellow and Discovery Gardens

Many different varieties of rudbeckia (rude-becky-a) in the Wild Garden and other wildflower areas

Love Lies Bleeding creates a fascinating jungle in the Discovery Garden

Below is a list of what is in bloom during different months of the year here at Longue Vue.

This is not an exhaustive list. As Edith Stern was known to say, the gardens are “always resplendent” with blooming flowers.


January to February

Annuals: alyssum, calendula, dianthus, lobelia, pansy, petunia, snapdragon

Perennials: cuphea, flowering maple, jasmine species, salvia

Bulbs: daffodil, narcissus, zephranthes rain lily*

Vines: bleeding heart, clock vine, Dutchman’s pipevine, polyantha jasmine

Shrubs: camellia, citrus (blooms and fruit), native azalea, sasanqua, sweet olive

Trees: angel trumpet, citrus, Japanese magnolia, Mexican prunus


March to April

Annuals: alyssum, columbine, delphinium, dianthus, foxglove, lobelia, pansy/viola, pentas, petunia, poppy, snapdragon, strawflower, tulip, verbena

Perennials: azalea, camellia, Louisiana iris*, milkweed, pitcher plants, plumbago, violets

Bulbs: amaryllis, byzantine gladiolus, easter lily, silver bells

Vines: Carolina jasmine, confederate jasmine, clock vine, Dutchman’s pipevine, passionflower, wisteria

Shrubs: camellia, plumbago, star anise*, viburnum; yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Trees: angel trumpet, Buckeye*, dogwood*, fringe tree (native/Chinese), plum, silver bells, star magnolia


May to August

Annuals: African basil, alyssum, angelonia, canna lily, cat’s whiskers, celosia, cleome, coleus, cosmos, dahlia, gladiolas, goldenrod*, gomphrena, marigold, pentas, petunia, salvias, sunflower, toothache plant, torenia, vinca, zinnia

Perennials: African iris, Agapanthus, aster, beautyberry*, black-eyed Susan, buddlea, bush clover, caladium, celosia, coreopsis, crown of thorns, cuphea, echinacea, garden hydrangea, gaura*, gingers, hibiscus, hollyhock, indigofera, ironweed*, Japanese iris, Joe-Pye weed*, lantana, loropetalum, milkweed, oak leaf hydrangea, pentas, phlox, pitcher plants, plumbago, ratibida*, roses, rudbeckia*, sea oats*, swamp sunflower*, thryallis, violets

Bulbs: crocosmia, hymenocalis*, hurricane lily

Vines: butterfly vine, coral honeysuckle, cypress vine, Dutchman’s pipvine, evergreen wisteria, Passionflower, rose

Shrubs: banana shrub, hydrangea, gardenia, oleander, rose, thryalis

Trees: angel trumpet, crepe myrtle, magnolia grandiflora


September to October

Annuals: angelonia, cosmos, dianthus, pansy/viola, zinnia

Perennials: birds of paradise, black-eyed Susan, chrysanthemum, crown of thorns, hibiscus, plumbago, rose, salvia, swamp sunflower*

Trees: holly, Japanese plum


November to December

Annuals: alyssum, dianthus, pansy/viola

Perennials: cape honeysuckle, crown of thorns, rose, salvias, swamp lily*

Shrubs: camellia. fatsia, lycoris, sasanqua

Vines: clock vine, thunbergia

Trees: holly


*n = native to the Southeast U.S.